3 Ideas for Fun & Memorable Reception

Throw Yo Hands Up Entertainment

A fun and memorable reception starts with the bride and groom. Guests came to celebrate with YOU! They want to make your dream wedding come true, just as much as you. Three key things, start with.. (1) Bride and Groom using the mic to welcome guests to your big night. Thank everyone for celebrating with you and share your vision for the night. So guests can help it come true. It only takes 3 to 5 sentences. Before or after dinner is a great time to do this. (2) Live your vision, if you ask your guests to do something you should be ACTUALLY participate. For example if want a packed dance floor, let guests know “We’ll be cutting up the dance floor, so… I hope you’ll join us to showing off your best dance moves” (then hit the dance floor with them when its time) If it’s close family and want to take lots of photos, “We have a wonderful photographer, so we want to see those beautiful smiles and don’t forget to post the photos you take with the hashtag…., We hope you have a memorable night with us.” (then stop to take photos with every guests that asks) (3) Make a memorable moment. Let the DJ help tell your love story on the mic or have family members tell your love story through their eyes. Imagine the stories they will tell of your “first time meeting her parents” or “how he proposed” Look to your DJ/MC for more ideas on how to have a reception, family and friends will be talking about for the rest of their life.

Aaron, Owner, MC, DJ, Host
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